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This ratio increases slowly with age, its level slightly higher in each successive decade.

More stable by age and over time than the sex ratio of mortality, this may be a better indicator of the gender factor at high ages.

These facts suggest that the female advantage last till the highest ages.

The four gender indicators presented above describe the situation and its development from different angles, and each of them has a justification.

The form of the curves suggests convergence of the male and female mortality at high ages.

Such a conclusion, however, does not stand the test of the following indicators.

From this high level, the indicator now declines and reaches around age 90 the former 2-year level.

It is a property of this indicator that it does not measure the mortality of the two sexes against a neutral mathematical standard but against each other.

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Frame 1 in Figure 24 shows how the ratio tends to decline with age and how in the postwar era, this fall has become more abrupt as the male excess has more than doubled at age the absolute difference of the male and female mortality parameters.Frame 2 shows that this indicator is fairly constant over the age range and that its increase over time has been quite small.tells at how much older age the female parameter equals the male parameter of a specified age.

This indicator is therefore akin to the age shift discussed in Chapter 8.

This female superiority in survival is very strongly manifest in old age where, therefore, as age advances, women outnumber men in an ever-increasing ratio.

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