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15-Nov-2017 14:13

Shift 4 supplied equipment and technical support to the project, further continuing our valued relationship with award-winning production company Swan Films.Vulcan Productions This video from singer-songwriter Charlotte OC features a one take performance by New York City Ballet's principal dancer Tiler Peck and her "own physical interpretation" of the song.Shift 4 have supplied kit, crew and full technical support to the production teams of series 3 and 4.The programme won Royal Television Society awards in 20 and the BAFTA for Best Scripted Comedy in 2017.Kit included Sony FS7s, Canon EF lenses and an Easyrig for a month long period.

The hit specialist factual show follows groups of disabled singletons as they search for love. Renegade Pictures for E4 Shift 4 were delighted to be chosen to supply kit, crew and technical support for the 2017 production of Don’t Tell The Bride, the long-running hit series which reveals what happens when a groom is left in complete control of The Big Day.

It was shot in summer 2017 using Shift 4 kit including our Celere HS Prime Lens Set and Zeiss Super Speed Mark III Prime Lenses.

Monkey Kingdom for E4 This series of two special episodes follows Made In Chelsea's Binky and JP and their journey into parenthood, from pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Windfall Films for BBC2 Shift 4 worked closely with Windfall Films throughout the 3 year shooting period for this series, following the team of more than ten thousand engineers and construction workers as they race to build ten new stations in Central London, lay thirty miles of track, and build a fleet of sixty-six new 200m long trains to complete the brand new subterranean railway under the capital – Crossrail.

Swan Films for Channel 4 In this documentary, to mark the 50th anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, Rupert Everett charts the changes in gay life and culture over the last five decades.Studio Lambert for E4 In this alternative version to the popular Tattoo Fixers series for E4, the fixers head to the Med to find and transform holiday horrors.